Macon Co. humane society's future unclear after rash of burglaries

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TUSKEGEE, AL (WSFA) - Within a two week period, thieves broke into the Macon County Humane Society three times, stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and dog food, leaving officials wondering if the organization can survive.

"I don't know if this was meant to be threatening or insulting," says Macon County Humane Society volunteer Karin Roth, as she looks over the business' sign laying in the yard outside the office.

It's one indication the Macon County Humane Society isn't open. Another is the moving boxes filling the office where Roth spends a lot of her time.

"Talk about kicking us when we're down," she says. "You can still see the glass on the floor that wasn't cleaned up."

Roth says the burglars stole a computer, phone system, and hundreds of pounds of dog food and pet medication.

"These two rooms were completely filled from top to bottom with 40 lb. bags of [food]."

Volunteers say the burglars got away with nearly $10,000 dollars worth of dog food and equipment. Most of it was donated to them back in the fall, and since the organization doesn't have a lot of money, workers are left wondering if they'll ever bounce back.

"This is a big blow for us absolutely. We just can't afford to lose anything else," says Roth.

She adds the humane society rescued nearly 250 animals last year.

But this year that may not happen especially without pet food or a safe place to do it.  Roth says the workers there don't feel safe and thinks the best thing to do is close the office.

"It feels very personal. We're trying so hard to save these animals. And then for people to actually set us back so much for doing that is really insulting."

But Roth isn't giving up, rather, just closing the door on their downtown Tuskegee office--all the while hoping another opens soon.

Tuskegee police say they are tracking leads in this case.

Since they didn't keep animals there, Roth says no animals will be displaced because of the office closing.

To donate to the Macon County Humane Society, send to:

P.O. Box 831107
Tuskegee, AL 36083

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