County Road 12: Restored Log Cabins in Montgomery County

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Montgomery County, AL (WSFA) -  Just about 10 miles south of Montgomery, you can take a trip back in time.   Thanks to Montgomery County resident Parker Mount, you can see how folks lived in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

He got this log cabin village started back in 1992.    He was just going to fix up one, and try his best to make look authentic inside and out.   After he finished one, he did another, then another, and then fixed up an old fashioned country store.    "I like history and repairing old cabins," Mount said.  "A lot of people stop by for 15 minutes, others will stay 3 hours."    Mount takes a lot of pride in using the same wood, and cutting it the same way they did more than 100 years ago.   He doesn't do it alone though.  He gets a some help from friends.    "I'm not a great architect but I'm a pretty good carpenter for a country boy."

Inside his cabins, you can see, life was a lot different.   "The women, they wouldn't have many clothes, maybe just a few dresses.   The guys, maybe they'd have one nice pair of khakis, the rest of the time they wore overalls."

While he wants folks to take a trip back in time, Mount doesn't mind mixing in some current day technology.   One cabin has the AC pumping to keep things cool.   "This one has a toilet, they wouldn't have had it back in the day, but they would have liked it."    Mount hopes you like it too.   He says folks stop by from all over the southeast to take a look back in time and see how our great grandparents lived.   You can find the cabins off Highway 231 between Troy and Montgomery, out along County Road 12.

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