Greenetrack, Task Force reach stalemate

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EUTAW, AL (WSFA) -- As a legal battle wages on, anxious crowds gather outside the gates.

"I'd rather be in Vietnam or someplace over there where people care about me, because the Governor doesn't give a damn about us," said Greene County Commissioner William Johnson.

Tension is high as the standoff between owners and officers continues.

Task Force commander John Tyson, operating on a Alabama Supreme Court decision handed down Monday, worked fast against a new restraining order signed by Greene County Circuit Judge Eddie Hardaway.

Tuesday afternoon, Tyson's team filed a 32 page emergency motion, calling for a reversal and permission to go forward with the raid.

"Judge Hardaway has no authority to stop law enforcement officers from carrying out their duties.  The Supreme Court told him that [Monday], and I cannot see how Judge Hardaway's order can be reconciled with the supreme court's ruling," Tyson wrote in a statement.

Other entertainment venues are also watching the situation closely.  Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley says the task force needs to get its priorities in order.

"It's very frustrating when you look at the fact that our state has now spent millions of dollars to eliminate bingo in Alabama, and it's not going to eliminate bingo in Alabama, Gilley said in a phone interview.

Meanwhile, in Greene County, agents stand their ground and residents worry about the uncertainty tomorrow brings.

"There will be over 400 people out of work if they close this track down. That's what we do not want," said Margie James.

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