Editorial: Unsung Service

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery may soon be home to a Caterpillar plant that might employ more than 500 people and another major employer that could bring more than 500 jobs.

The fact that we are in the running for these opportunities when more than 100 cities nationally typically vie for these projects is a tribute to what we have to offer and how strong our economic development teams are statewide and locally.

The Mayor's leadership goes a long way in these negotiations as does his cooperative relationships with his colleagues throughout the region.

Alabama's success recruiting major employers, like Hyundai, happens as well because of other skillful, behind the scenes leaders.

Many of these people are unsung heroes - like the late David Echols - one of our state's top industrial recruiters with the Alabama Development Office who was responsible for getting Montgomery back on the list of potential Hyundai sites after it was taken off.

We salute these public servants who are responsible for thousands of Alabamians who are providing a better life for their families through jobs created by people who have done - and are doing their jobs extremely well.

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