Study ranks states for most speeding tickets

Posted by: Chase Tidwell

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Many Americans will be hitting the roads this weekend as the 4th of July approaches. Quite a few of those motorists will end up seeing the flashing blue lights in their rearview mirror.

A new study gives motorists insight to each state's traffic ticket propensity, hoping to provide them the opportunity to protect themselves from unjust tickets.

The National Motorists Association is a motorists' rights group that has been helping drivers fight their tickets for over 25 years. The NMA generates rankings for every state's likelihood to give out tickets and then comes up with rankings by using Google's Search Insights, a public tool that shows state-by-state search trends.

By analyzing search queries such as "speeding ticket" or "traffic ticket", the Association can approximate which states are most likely to hand out tickets.

After going over the numbers, the NMA determined the state most likely to ticket is Florida, with Georgia and Nevada tied for second. Texas comes in fourth.

Alabama rounds out the top five.

The state least likely to hand out a ticket is Montana, followed by Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Alaska.

Now, of course, these rankings can not be proven 100% accurate.

A number of different scenarios could impact the search queries, however, the NMA has found that their list matches up well with their experiences helping drivers fight tickets.

A full list of state rankings and further information on how they were calculated can be found at

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