Greenville High School names new principal

Brad Cook has been named the new principal at Greenville High School. He came from Smiths Station in Lee County where he was an assistant principal.

He will start Tuesday, said Darren Douthitt, the Butler County School Superintendant.

Douthitt said it took his search committee about three weeks to choose Lee from more than 50 applicants. He knew Lee from having worked with him previously in Lee County.

"I had supervised this gentleman,and I knew him to be enthusiastic, intelligent instructor," said Douthitt, who served two years as assistant superintendant at Lee County. "I was not his direct supervisor, but I worked closely enough with him to know he had all the criteria for being a principal. I suppose we snatched him away from Lee County, and perhaps I owe them an apology -- but I don't apologize for finding the best people I can for Butler County Schools."

Another key personnel announcement may be coming as soon as the July 15 meeting of the Board, Douthitt said.

Butler County is looking for a principal for Greenville Junior High School and Douthitt said he hopes to have that position filled by that meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m.