Hyundai shatters all-time sales records

Posted by Chase Tidwell

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Things are looking up for Hyundai, sales records specifically.  Hyundai has set all-time sales records not only for the month of June, but for the entire first half of the year as well.

On Thursday, Hyundai Motor America announced sales of 51,205 vehicles in the month of June, up 35 percent from last year's total of 37,943.  Sales for the entire first half of the year are also up over 25 percent, with Hyundai selling more than 255,782 vehicles through the end of June.

"Our growth in 2010 is a testament to the power of great products like Sonata, Tucson, and Genesis to resonate with retail customers and overcome tough economic conditions," said Hyundai Motor America President and CEO John Krafcik.

With sales rising 49 percent, the brand-new Sonata is selling just as quickly as the plant in Montgomery, Alabama can produce.

Meanwhile, the brand-new Tucson has seen sales rise 207 percent compared to last June.

"The strength of our new product has driven a 45 percent pure retail sales increase while simultaneously allowing us to reduce incentive spending by about the same amount," said Hyundai Motor America VP of National Sales.  "This is having a positive impact on residual values and bodes well for what is going to be a challenging second half of the year."

This marks the 18th straight month of year-over-year retail market share gains for Hyundai, while also setting its all-time total market share record.

CARLINE JUNE/2010 JUNE/2009 CY/2010 CY/2009
ACCENT 4,615 8,139 27,078 32,928
SONATA 17,771 11,950 89,249 60,481
ELANTRA 14,245 6,493 57,564 39,904
TIBURON 0 443 0 8,346
SANTA FE 7,586 7,148 44,376 33,473
AZERA 428 313 1,581 1,951
TUCSON 3,382 1,100 19,689 7,552
ENTOURAGE 0 43 0 3,343
VERACRUZ 609 476 3,354 6,770
GENESIS 2,569 1,838 12,891 9,938
TOTAL 51,205 37,943 255,782 204,686

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