Republican accuses AEA of dirty campaigning

Rick Sellers says the Alabama Education Association is playing dirty politics
Rick Sellers says the Alabama Education Association is playing dirty politics

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "This is one of the most dishonest and deceitful campaigns that I've ever seen," said Rick Sellers.

With that said Rick Sellers intends to show his disapproval Tuesday morning by protesting in front of the Alabama Education Association building in downtown Montgomery. Sellers is a member of the Alabama Republican Executive Committee.

"I want to urge all those people who are fed up with the AEA's intrusion into the Republican primary," Sellers said.

Sellers made it a point to say that while negative ads are nothing new in politics he is troubled by the fact that in his view, Paul Hubbert is not owning up to the negative ads against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne.

Sellers believes in one of those campaign ads, Hubbert and the AEA suggest  Byrne is an atheist and doesn't believe in the Bible.

Sellers says in his 30 years of being involved in local, state and national politics he's never seen anything like it.

"We ran negative ads against every Democrat that got beat. Even Bill Clinton said the NRA probably elected that Republican Congress but when we ran the ads, we ran truthful ads and we put our names at the bottom," said Sellers.

Sellers admitted he doesn't know just who or how many teachers from the AEA union or average citizens will join him on the picket line but he can count on Susan Mitchell.

Mitchell says she's a substitute teacher in Enterprise.

"I just don't think any Democrat should tell us who our Republican nominee should be," said Mitchell.

As far as getting the other side of the story we're told Paul Hubbert is out of town attending the National Education Association Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tuesday WSFA 12 News was able to reach the AEA's Public Relations Department. Manager David Stout said that the organization has "no comment" at this time.

Rick Sellers, meantime, intends to make his point by protesting two hours a day for the next 6 business days until the July 13th run-off election.

Bryne's challenger in the run-off Dr. Robert Bentley told 12 News he doesn't support the AEA, but did say as a state lawmaker from Tuscaloosa, he voted for AEA when 'it was right and voted against the AEA when it was wrong.'

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