Researchers worry Americans suffering from recall fatigue

(NBC) - Chances are, before the week's out, there will be a recall of something we use, eat or drive. In fact, recalls have become so common that researchers worry that no one's listening anymore.

It started with 28-million boxes of Kellogg's cereal, followed by 17,000 Lexus vehicles, then two million baby cribs. All were recalled in just one 24-hour period late last month. It's no wonder consumers are confused over recalls. 

"I think there is consumer fatigue around recalls," said Professor William Hallman of Rutgers University. 

Hallman is also director of the school's Food Policy Institute. He did research for the government on people's attitudes about food recalls.

"Our study found that despite all the news reports about food recalls, about 60% of Americans say they've never searched for a recalled ever food item in their lives!"

He says it's the attitude that "bad things happen to the other guy" that concerns him and others.

"If you go ahead and eat the product anyway and nothing happens then you're even more likely next time to say 'Well, you know, maybe this is a little overblown, I'm just gonna eat it anyway,'" said Hallman. 

However, he applauds the government for posting details of all recalls on the website:

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