MPS increases magnet school enrollment, controversy

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - LAMP has a long standing record of excellence. It was most recently named as one of Newsweek's 20 elite schools, and now even more students will have access to that high quality education.

The Montgomery Public School System is increasing enrollment at all magnet schools, adding at least 200 at the high school level alone according to Executive Director of High Schools Lewis Washington. "Because of the economy, because of the number of teachers we laid off, we have to be certain we are getting a maximization of our teacher units," Washington explained.

While the system has added students, it's hasn't increased the number of teachers. That adds up to larger class sizes - an idea that doesn't sit well with some parents.

Julie Hall heads the parent organization for LAMP. She says parents are concerned about the increase in student population. "They are at LAMP for a good education, and they want every child to get the appropriate amount of time spent with them," she said.

While the effect of a larger school enrollment has yet to be realized, Hall believes LAMP will still be a great school.  "We have wonderful faculty," she said.

Washington wants to reassure: "We are not watering down our curriculum."