Montgomery firm files its first BP lawsuit

MONTGOMERY, ALA. – A Montgomery law firm says it has filed its first lawsuit against oil giant BP in relation to the Gulf oil spill. The Beasley Allen Law firm filed suit Tuesday in the Circuit Court of Baldwin County.

The firm is representing James and Kate Fisher, who claim they've incurred damages related to the disaster, including damage to their real and personal property, earning capacity, business income and use of natural resources. T

Beasley Allen said in a news release "It is estimated that BP's oil spill may drive down the Gulf Coast's shore-area property values by 10 percent for at least three years with losses projected to total more than $4 billion..."

"Falling real-estate values are just one more consequence of this environmental disaster," Rhon Jones, head of Beasley Allen's Environmental Law section, said.  "People who have purchased property as an investment, or who are simply trying to sell their home will be negatively affected by this oil spill. Even property that is not Gulf-front is impacted by the perception that the entire Gulf Coast has been ruined."

The suit alleges negligence and wanton misconduct. Defendants named in the suit are BP, Halliburton, and Cameron International.

INFORMATION SOURCE: Beasley Allen Law Firm