Guest Editorial: Cell phones bans

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I do it, my kids do it, my friends do it, many of you do it, and yet most of us would agree that when someone else talks on a cell phone while driving, it could be dangerous. Research dating from the late 90s to the present says as much. One study indicates a quadruple likelihood of an accident when cell phones are used… another equates its effect with alcohol use while driving.

8 states and 46 countries already have a ban on handheld cell phone use while driving. The Montgomery City Council is considering such a ban. As it stands now the ordinance would not apply to hands-free cell phone devices.

One of the duties of government is to protect us citizens from each other… to protect me from those other drivers holding cell phones… and to protect them from me. Given the widespread and increasing use of cell phones, it's time for this ban in Montgomery, and the state for that matter.

It is a great convenience to talk on my cell phone while driving, but if I must buy a hands-free device to do so, it will still be convenient, and, hopefully, a little safer.

Mark Wilder - WSFA 12 News Operations Manager

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