District 28 candidate takes voting complaint to President

State Senate District 28 candidate Johnny Ford
State Senate District 28 candidate Johnny Ford

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "This is a seat we can't lose."

Alabama Democratic Conference Chairman Joe Reed and State Senate candidate Johnny Ford say only a black person should fill the District 28 Senate seat.

"I take the position, Alabama Democratic Conference takes the position that the 8 black majority black districts are designed for blacks to get elected," says Joe Reed.

Their announcement originally focused on details of Ford's request for an investigation of alleged voting irregularities in District 28.

He believes his opponents bought votes before the June primary and now he's taking his complaint to the President.

"We are confident that I was able to get through to the President and to the White House that we will have on July 13th federal monitors and persons that will be investigating to make sure we have a fair election," says Ford.

Then, focus quickly turned to a last minute plea for votes to keep a black politician in the Senate District 28 seat--a philosophy Ford's run-off opponent Billy Beasley doesn't agree with.

"You judge the person by his character, not by the color of their skin," says Beasley.

Beasley didn't comment on the alleged vote buying. But says, black or white, the voters will be heard Tuesday.

"I'm going to put my name on the ballot, and I'm going to put the fate of my election in the hands of the people.  And I trust the people," says Beasley.

Ford says he's getting national black leaders including Al Sharpton to join him in a last minute push for votes Monday.

He says the President told him he would respond to the investigation request whenever possible.

In the June primary, Beasley had 48% of the vote to Ford's 28%.

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