House in flames after explosion

Posted by: Alisha Clark

MONTGOMERY, AL. (WSFA) - A Montgomery resident barely escaped death today, surviving an explosion inside his home on Highland Avenue.

Witnesses say the blast sounded like a bomb. As soon as the boom was heard the house went up in flames. Now fire investigators are working to determine what set off the explosion.

Home owner Ivan Delvalli says he was laying in his bed this morning, when the ceiling collapsed. That's when he knew something was not right.

Three minutes after the blowup, emergency vehicles and fire trucks lined Highland Avenue. 50 fire fighters, with the help of gallons of water, fought to put out the blaze.

The three people who occupied the home made it out, but one of the roommates has second degree burns covering more than 90 percent of his body.

The burn victim is at a Montgomery hospital and is listed in serious condition.

Most of the home is intact, but the owner is not sure if he wants to rebuild because of no insurance.

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