AEA's Hubbert stepping down as Democratic officer

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Teacher lobbyist Paul Hubbert says he's leaving his position as a vice chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party because it's in the best interest of the Alabama Education Association. He notified the Democratic party chairman that he won't seek re-election as vice chairman for public employees.

"Please accept this letter as notice of my intention not to stand for re-election as Vice-Chair for Public Employees when the Democratic Executive Committee meets for the purpose of organizing for the next quadrennium.  I have enjoyed my tenure in this position and hope that the Party has benefited from my service," wrote Hubbert.

Hubbert says that will leave him free to work with legislators from both political parties to promote the interests of public education.  "First and foremost my duty is to AEA and its members. We support friends of education regardless of party, and our membership reflects the diversity of party membership in Alabama. AEA is made up of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and my leadership role in one party has at times clouded that issue," said Hubbert.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne made an issue of AEA's top two officials, Hubbert and Joe Reed, being vice chairmen of the state Democratic Party.

"I am sure there is a faction within the Alabama GOP hierarchy that will continue to criticize AEA members," said Hubbert. "One thing is clear, a friend of education in a friend, regardless of what party they belong to."

Hubbert has been the executive secretary-treasure for the Alabama Education Association since 1969. He was the Democratic nominee for governor in 1990.

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