County Road 12 - Pen Maker

It's something most of us use everyday. Several times a day. Ballpoint pens, are useful, a necessity in some professions, but a work of art? Well they are if Tony Barkley has anything to do with it. Debbie Williams has his story tonight, somewhere out along County Road 12.

You'll always be able to find Tony Barkley, "I've been doing woodworking all my life". At some point almost everyday, "I became fascinated with it." He's out in his woodworking shop. His latest venture, making ballpoint pens. "You start out with a block of wood and you don't know what that pen's going to look like and as you turn it down you see the grain and the character of the wood that comes out of it." Woodworking and ball point pens.  And they're made out of just about any and everthing you can imagine. "This is water buffalo horn." he says. How in the world do you get water buffalo horn? "Order it." So, you don't go on safari? "No," he laughs. He's had a few mishaps along the way. "Viewers probably noticed I don't have a left thumb. I didn't loose it in this shop I sucked it when I was a baby and it fell off." It's his humor and his wife of almost 50 years that keeps him centered. "If she ever leaves me I'm going with her." After retiring from a career in woodworking you'd think this would be the last place he'd want to spend his time, but you see there's something you don't know.  "I've never sold a pen." He gives them away and that makes all the difference. Having a good time and sharing his joy for life, is important to Tony Barkley, just like the pride he has everytime he finishes his latest creation. "And there it is. It has a mirror finish and is slick as glass." Bic, should be jealous. In Montgomery, Debbie Williams along with photojournalist, Darren Gilley, out along County Road 12.