Pike County Fire Now Center Of Criminal Investigation

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It's hard to get a read on how Carter Brothers officials feel about the arson ruling by the state fire marshal, but Vice President of Sales Robert Belmont gave us a clue when he talked with WSFA 12 News on the morning of the fire a little more than a week ago.

At the time Belmont said he would be stunned if this turned out to be arson.

"I just don't see that because everybody was excited about the new product coming out," Belmont said on July 12.

That is now the case. State Fire Marshall Ed Paulk and his company of investigators spent about a week on the scene. Paulk declined to say just where the blaze started in the building. Right now the search is on for a suspect.

Meantime, WSFA 12 News has learned the owners met with their attorney, although it's not clear why that was necessary.

WSFA 12 News has also learned a few employees have been laid off because of the blaze since the plant isn't generating any business.

Carter Brothers has around 800 dealers nationwide and the company is fully aware those dealers are now wondering.. what now?

Carter Brothers manufactures scooters, 4-wheelers and go-carts.

We're told there's been no decision on what to do with the business. For now Paulk told WSFA 12 News they have 'lot of leads to check out' and we're 'making progress.'

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