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Governor's Plan: Education

This outline of the Governor's plan was provided by the Office of the Governor to reporters, educators, and legislators.

Education Reform:  Overview

  • Provides incentive pay for outstanding teachers and principals
  • Reforms tenure for teachers and administrators
  • Establishes strict accountability standards for fiscal management of local school systems
  • Reforms foundation program to allow more flexibility at the local level

Education Reform: Incentive Pay

  • Rewards teachers who agree to teach in underserved areas or hard to staff subject areas
  • Provides scholarships to students who agree to be certified in underserved subject matter, or who agree to teach in underserved areas

Education Reform: Tenure

• Fair dismissal and tenure

— Streamlines the process outlined in the fair dismissal act for public school employees contesting terminations, transfers and suspensions

— Abolishes tenure commission and institutes arbitration system

—  Removes tenure for administrators, supervisors, and financial personnel

Education Reform: Fiscal Management

  • Addresses financial problems before they occur
  • Requires State Superintendent of Education to hire a Chief Education Financial Officer
  • Requires State Superintendent to educate and test local superintendents on fiscal management
  • Modifies appointment and removal procedure for local school system’s custodian of funds to ensure competency
  • Requires local boards of education to adopt fiscal management policies
  • Provides for comprehensive financial and business reporting
  • Requires financial audits of all public school systems
  • Empowers State Superintendent and Chief Financial Officer to prevent further deterioration of failing schools

Education Reform: Local Flexibility

• Foundation program

— Increases the minimum number of school days to reach the regional average — Provides flexibility for local school boards and superintendents in making decisions to serve the best interests of the school system

Education Reform: Classroom Investment

  • Fully fund the Alabama Reading Initiative to ensure that every child in Alabama can succeed
  • Expand the Alabama Math and Science Initiative
  • Provide every Alabama school with distance learning capabilities

College Scholarships

  • Merit-based scholarship program will allow hard working Alabama students to earn a full tuition scholarship to any public college, university, junior college or technical college in the State of Alabama by meeting high academic standards
  • Eligibility will be based on residence and academic achievement 
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