Prattville Teacher is a Class Act

"I know that I'm that one person right who can encourage them and push them to do their best," says Cindy Miller a fourth grade teacher at Daniel Pratt Elementary. She's pushing students to reach their potential across the board.

Cullen Mullinax says, "I've learned Alabama history, about the Cherokee and all those other Indians; and I've also learned a lot more words to spell; and I also learned a lot of science stuff."

Classmate Sara Ramsay adds, "she's a great teacher. She helps us a lot and she takes us on fun field trips, they're educational and I really enjoy them."

Miller says, "I want them to grow as a person. I want them to learn how to be better organized, to learn how to be responsible, to learn how to solve problems on their own and learn to depend on themselves and just become great thinkers."

To accomplish that Miller completed the strenuous process of becoming nationally board certified. It took two years of work and improvement, but she says it's enabling her to help each of her students. She was given $5,000 to spend in her classroom.

Principal Greg Faulkner says, "she went and got a laptop and a projector unit (with the board certification stipend). So she's doing a lot of her lessons now through a computer based technology that she's using in the classroom and the library."

Miller is a member of Daniel Pratt's library committee. She's also working on ways to help the school better educate its growing population of Korean students.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell