Alabama School Mandating Changes In Behavior For Its Students

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The dean of student services is calling it part of the new 'Trojan Way' at Troy University.

"It will be for all students," Herbert Reeves.

'It' being the mandate to dress more appropriately in and out of class and be more respectful to others. It's part of the university's new game plan to better prepare students for the game of life.

"We have seen a decline in classroom behavior, uncivil behavior and we have high expectations," Reeves said.

For example, Herbert Reeves says there have been situations where a student's cell phone will ring in the middle of class and the student will literally carry on a conversation. And there's a case of being disrespectful to a professor, and the reason for insisting students to dress better?

Well, there have been issues where they're showing too much skin and saggy pants. In some some cases students are wearing their pajamas to the lab. Jeans and shorts are perfectly okay. It's a matter of taste the school is aiming for.

Yet Troy University leaders say this is not a dress code in the strictest sense, but using common sense when students are out and about.

Reeves says as far as he knows Troy University is the only university in Alabama cracking down on irresponsible behavior including wearing inappropriate clothing.

"For example, if you're going to a theatre production, dress right for that. If you're going to class, dress right for that," Reeves said.

Troy University officials say they are not requiring students to sign anything and even that may not be necessary. Reeves says during the school's orientation this summer when the changes were announced, everyone seemed to get on board with the new Trojan Way.

"We're trying to develop the whole person. When they leave Troy we want them of course get a degree but also represent Troy University well," said Reeves.

School leaders say if they come across someone who won't comply, they have options ranging from handing down a reprimand to expulsion.

Reeves says he knows Morehouse College in Atlanta has already started getting serious about inappropriate dress and behavior.

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