Head of BP fund hears about seafood industry loss

BAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. (AP) - More than 200 people crowded into the city council chambers in Bayou La Batre to explain to the head of BP's compensation fund the complex problems they face because of the Gulf oil spill.

Fisherman and others affected by the spill told Ken Feinberg on Saturday that there was no simple answer to repairing the damaged caused by the spill.

Feinberg was named by President Obama to take over the claims process, working independently of both BP and the federal government.

Several oystermen said the oyster business would never recover. Almost all life in Bayou La batre revolves around the seafood industry.

Feinberg told the crowd that he was going to operate independently. He said claims would be paid as long as people can prove their losses.

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