Pro-Life group endorses Kay Ivey

POSTED BY: Alisha Clark

MONTGOMERY, AL. (WSFA) - The national pro-life women's group Susan B. Anthony (SBA) announced endorsements for candidates in four states including Alabama.

SBA's is endorsing Alabama State Treasure Kay Ivey, the Republican nominee for Alabama Lieutenant Governor.

One of SBA's goal is to elect pro-life leaders to public office, like Treasurer Ivery, which they believe will advance the pro-life cause if elected.

Upon learning of the endorsement Ivey stated that she feels honored,

"Through this endorsement, the leadership at SBA is affirming what the people of Alabama already know, that we need a conservative, pro-life advocate controlling the gavel in the State Senate..."

Ivey has vocalized strong support for preventing abortions through tax breaks for adoptive and foster families, as well as  promoting pro-life counseling centers to counter the harmful advice women and young girls receive from so-called "family planning" clinics.

She faces Democrat incumbent Jim Folsom, Jr. in the November general election.

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