Sherrod will mull new USDA position this weekend

ATLANTA (AP) - Shirley Sherrod says she hopes to take a break from her media whirlwind this weekend to weigh whether to accept a position she has been offered by the Agriculture Department.

Sherrod says Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to her about becoming the deputy undersecretary for outreach. She says she needs to review the specifics of the position, but that it deals with discrimination.

President Barack Obama named Sherrod the state's first director of rural development for the department nearly a year ago.

She was asked to resign earlier this week after a right-wing blogger posted an edited video of a speech Sherrod gave during a meeting of the NAACP that appeared to be racist.

Vilsack apologized and offered her the new position after the full video surfaced and revealed the speech was a tale of redemption.