Montgomery mayor crafts new budget

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This is Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange's second budget. He admits it's not necessarily his favorite thing to do.

"It's a necessity," the mayor said. Very much a necessity when you're overseeing 23 departments and 2,700 employees.

"I really don't see any services cut, no personnel cuts," said Mayor Strange.

That's a far cry from one year ago when the mayor was faced with the challenge of cutting $8 million from the budget. He did that and trimmed the city roster, down by more than a hundred today.

This time around the mayor doesn't see putting an ax to the numbers but more of a tweaking with the goal of keeping the total budget around $216 million. Last year's city budget was a little more than $218 million.

"In order to get $216 or $217 million we're going to have to find a  million or a million five.  I anticipate no new taxes, no new fees," said Strange.

For the first time in 11 years, the city will  craft a new budget without councilman Willie Cook. Mr. Cook died earlier this month from a massive heart attack.

"He always wanted to know how much money he was going to get in district 6," Strange said with a smile.

Back in the mayor's conference room at city hall, Mr. Strange entertains the first department, the engineering department to see where it is now and what it needs for the new budget year.

One down, 22 more departments to go.

The new fiscal year begins October 1 and the mayor believes the city council will adopt the new budget in September.

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