Elementary bids to solve mold problem

MONTGOMERY, AL. (WSFA) - Dozier elementary moves to plan B, as the numerous attempts to clean up the ongoing mold problem is unsuccessful.

Less then a year ago, specialist were at Dozier elementary trying to rid of the mold problem which plagues the school walls. The attempt before that was also a bust, after to much chemical was used, making the air too dry.

School officials are now moving to plan B, which is requesting help from the Montgomery Public School Board. A process the school system says needs to take place before changes begin.

A bid for construction needs to be approved by the school board, which will be decided at Tuesday's school board meeting.

If the bid is approved, work is expected to start at the beginning of August. This would include, renovating all 28 classroom, from top to bottom, each one taking about 30 days to complete. Four classroom will be revamped at a time.

Students will be relocated to other classrooms in the building, as well as outside portable buildings.

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