New Ski-Lift Coming To Montgomery Zoo

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When the Montgomery Zoo director pulled up to the table to present his budget request for the new fiscal year, he said he needed 3 part-time workers to help with a new ride the public had not been privy to until now.

"We need the part timers to help with the ski-lift tram," said Doug Goode.

You read that correctly. The zoo is weeks away from building a sky-tram. The lift will stretch about 300 yards across, going from east to west, a ski-lift made possible thanks to grants and a generous donor.

Goode is convinced this will make the zoo even more attractive for visitors. The Montgomery Zoo averages around 240,000 visitors a year.

"The lift will go over several exhibits so people will get a different perspective of the animals," said Goode.

Back to the number crunching in the mayor's conference room at city hall, no change in the zoo admission prices but the mayor wanted to know why the zoo couldn't use interns instead of part timers since the three will cost a little more than $12,000 a piece.

Goode said it just makes sense because you would have retrain new interns every so often, not so with a part time employee.

In the end Goode got what he wanted; part timers and the hope even more people will flock to the zoo now that the word is out about the coming ski-lift.

Goode says the lift should be completed before the annual Christmas lights show in December.

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