7-year old Makes A Difference

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Right in the middle of the dining room floor in Mary Frances Harper's home there is a pile of raincoats and some change on the table, more than $70 worth of change.

"I remembered the earthquake in Haiti and I remember it was the rainy season," said Harper.

Harper's dad never saw it coming.

"She just kind of came up with it on her own out of the blue. She saw it on the Weather Channel recently and saw kids under what we might call tents getting drenched," said Tripp Harper.

That's where the story of Mary Frances comes in. She was moved by what she saw on TV in Haiti and actually crafted her own flier she passed out in the neighborhood, requesting anyone and everyone to donate a poncho or a raincoat for the children of Haiti.

The response?

"Close to 100," she said.

One hundred and counting. Dad says mom has another pile in the car trunk. Harper's goal is 1,000.

"They're all sizes. Some are big and small. It doesn't matter what size, they can wear them," said Mary Frances.

"I'm amazed," said Mr. Harper.

As Mary Frances indicated the raincoats she collected come in all sizes yet none of them is big enough to capture the size of her heart.

"If I didn't do that then no else will. They could get cold and sick," said Mary Frances.

A 7-year old girl making a difference with love.

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