Editorial: Leadership Changes

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Many Montgomery public school students will see a new principal at their schools when they return to school in a few weeks: 23 of the 59 schools will have new leadership.

The strategic plan is to place some of the stronger leaders at some of the more challenging schools in an attempt to elevate those schools into the top performer categories.

The key to this working is to make sure their replacements continue the culture of success already established at the schools that are performing well.  Training is planned to help make sure this happens and address concerns of some parents that their school's new principal might not be as good as the one who was reassigned.

Success certainly begins with principals setting the tone and we appreciate the tough choices made through careful analysis of data regarding school performances.

All children can learn and achieve and some high poverty Montgomery schools are performing better than others, showing demographics aren't destiny, but quality principals and teachers make a difference.

Montgomery public schools do well compared to the state as a whole, outperforming many systems, including Elmore County Schools, and are not far behind higher performing systems in Autauga and Lee counties.  Two Montgomery high schools, BTW and Loveless, are recognized as among the best in the nation.

The challenge now for Montgomery Public schools is to elevate more schools to elite status and compete better with all schools nationally.