Oscar Roy Doster capital murder conviction upheld on appeal

COVINGTON Co., AL - On the same day that Oscar Roy Doster was officially sentenced to life imprisonment in Texas for a murder, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals upheld his Covington County Circuit Court conviction for the Capital Murder of Paul LeMaster.

"I don't believe in coincidences of this magnitude," said District Attorney Greg Gambril, who prosecuted the Covington County case for the State. "Justice of this order being meted out in the same day has a divine quality to it.  I have never seen anything like it. Of course, I've never seen anything like the whole tragic saga involving Mr. Doster."

In 2006, Doster was convicted of three counts of Capital Murder following a more than three week trial. After the jury recommended a sentence of life without parole, Circuit Judge Ashley McKathan overrode the jury in a separate sentence hearing and, at Gambril's request, imposed the death penalty.

In a 146 page opinion, the appellate court affirmed Judge McKathan's decision nearly four years after it was handed down.

"Mr. Lemaster was killed in late 2002. Before we could get Doster to trial, he escaped again and killed Dennis Courtney in Texas in early 2005," Gambril noted. "Everywhere Mr. Doster went, chaos ensued. Justice has finally caught up with him."

Gambril said that he fully expects that the case will be appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court. "This was a big first step. With each step, the burden increases on the defendant."

When asked how long it would be before an execution date would be set, Gambril said that it would be several years. "It took almost four years just to get the first appellate court to rule.  There are so many different avenues of appeals these days, it will be a long time before the ultimate punishment is handed down. Don't get me wrong, though. We will have to wait, but he will be executed."