Second year of Bassmaster competition a success

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Fans will tell you, Bassmaster competitions are unique.

"You really can't get up close to like football and baseball and basketball [players] and stuff like that. This, you get a chance to meet them and get to know a little bit about them," says Billingsley resident, Donnie Smith.

Perhaps that's part of the draw and the reason Montgomery's riverfront facilities were packed with folks itching to get in on the last day of competition.

The final few hours packed a punch with intense heat and temperatures topping the one-hundreds.

"We have a big fan over there," says one visitor.

Fans scoped out a spot in the shade waiting for the announcement of this year's Angler of the Year.

Crowd favorite and two-time Angler of the Year, Kevin Van Dam, took home the title for a third time.

He had only good things to say about river region fans.

"The fans have been really great for me all week. Ya know, they're there to watch the guys and see how they break down their home body of water.  They stayed way back and I had a big armada today."

With big names like Bass and ESPN, Montgomery residents say events like this only help the city make a big name for itself.

"Just look at all these out of town folks that are here. It's a great event, and you can't get more commercial time for the city of Montgomery than seeing your name on ESPN a thousand times," says Bassmaster fan, Don Logan.

City leaders are already discussing improvements for when Bass comes back next year, but say they're happy with the event's size.

There are only a few things fans would change.

"Only the hot weather, but you can't do anything about that," says Mariana resident, Steve Gross.

"If anything, the parking could be a little better, but out here it's very nice," says Montgomery resident Ken Eagerton.

All in all, most believe it was a successful second stab at an event Montgomery leaders hope to reel in year after year.

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