String of a/c burglaries hitting Bullock Co. churches

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UNION SPRINGS, AL (WSFA) - As temperatures top out in the triple digits, at least four Bullock County congregations held Sunday service without air conditioning.

Bullock County Sheriff's Deputies say burglars have hit up at least four churches on Highway 82. That's not including others on the east side of Union Springs.

Sheriff's deputies say burglars are ripping apart a/c units in search of copper and they aren't sure which church is next.

With fans in hand, and a sermon on forgiveness, church members at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church trudge through their worship service in the noon day heat, minus their air conditioner unit.

Parishioners at Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church aren't the only ones hot under the collar.

Both the Bullock Co. Sheriff and deputy sheriff were on the scene at Mount Carmel Baptist Church canvassing through their three ransacked a/c units.

Sheriff's deputies aren't sure if the same vandals are hitting up each church however.

It's a similar story a mile up Highway 82 at Young Sardis Baptist Church.

Deacons there leaned on ceiling fans to stir the hot stagnant sanctuary air, that topped out at above 90 degrees, with hope that the burglars are watching.

The congregations wanted to show that there's no degree of heat that will keep them away.

If you have any information that could help investigators crack the case, call Bullock County CrimeStoppers AT 850-8537.

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