Each Alex City school makes A.Y.P.

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ALEXANDER CITY, AL (WSFA) - Teachers and students are upbeat after finding out about the success from this year's Adequate Yearly Progress report.   Each of the five schools within the Alexander City School system made AYP.

Superintendent Lou Ann Wagoner is pleased with the results, but she says a 100% success rate at each school is no accident.

"We have benchmark tests all the way throughout the year, and everything that we do, we drill it down to the classroom, and we drill it down to the individual child," Wagoner said.

Students like junior Shatoya McKinney aren't surprised, thankful strong teachers are there to help guide her.

"They pressure you to study and getting all your work done, and if you need help, they help you," McKinney explained.

Though students, their parents, and administrators are excited about this year's report card, Superintendent Wagoner says there is still some room for improvement--especially when it comes to special education.

"We plan to raise the level of rigor, raise our expectations of the children, and make sure we put in the strategies and professional development that our teachers need," Wagoner explained.

It's a goal that makes parents proud.

"From the first day of school and all the way until the end, we have teachers calling you, sending you emails with any problems, and we don't have no problems getting anybody help," said Beverly McKinney of Alexander City.

Last year, two out of five schools in Alexander City failed to meet AYP standards. School leaders say the improvements are the result of teamwork throughout the system.

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