Mayor signs, then suspends enforcement of hand-held device ban

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - After tabling the controversial resolution twice that would make it a crime to use a hand-held in Montgomery, the City Council acted Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon the ordinance passed over the desk of Mayor Todd Strange, who signed it into law.

After signing the ordinance, however, Mayor Strange suspended enforcement of the measure for 30 days so motorists can get used to the idea. It would have taken a week for it to go into effect anyway (August 12th). After the the mayor's decision to suspend it for a month, the enforcement date moved back to September 12th. Officers will hand out warning tickets until that date.

The ordinance, sponsored by Councilman Tracy Larkin, passed the Montgomery City Council at its regular meeting, makes it unlawful to use hand-held wireless devices while operating a motor vehicle.

Motorists will not be pulled over or ticketed just for talking on the phone or texting. The ordinance will only be a secondary offense and will only be applied if you break another traffic law such as speeding or running a stop sign while using the device.

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