More Jobs Coming To Prattville

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Jeff Higgins is a good example of just how good the economy in Prattville has been to him.

"I've been lucky," he said.

A 27-year veteran of the construction industry, Higgins and the 30 or so construction workers under him started building the Kohl's store in March.

Today, workers are finishing up last-minute details with store's opening set for September.

A big job, a steady income.

"It's still slow but we're starting to see rebound in construction," said Higgins.

It's the story of Prattville lately. Hobby Lobby, Academy Sports and at the Prattville Area Chamber of Commerce, Medline, a medical equipment company met with local contractors about building its $15 million distribution center in the city's industrial park.

Now more economic news is on the way; 50 more jobs. Mayor Jim Byard couldn't get into specifics just yet. The formal announcement will come Wednesday morning at 10 at city hall.

"This will be an expansion of a current company," said Mayor Byard.

Still, the good economic news is tempered by the fact the city continues to struggle with retail development, especially at High Pointe Center in east Prattville.

That's where you'll find empty store after empty store. The city borrowed big bucks to make the commercial development happen.

"I want it to turn. It could be worse but I know it could be better. I'm not losing sleep over it," said Byard.

And neither is Jeff Higgins, one man's story that employment is possible in the face of what many are calling the 'Great Recession.'

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