Stores see last minute rush to buy school uniforms

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - At Beauty and Beyond in south Montgomery Tiffany Youngblood can't decide if buying school uniforms is a thing of beauty or beyond the realm of common sense.

"I like the shirt but I'm not sure about the Khaki pants," said the 15-year old.

Either way parents and students are getting used to the idea.

Store manager Abdul Yaddas noticed more and more customers coming in some time ago, getting a head start on choosing the right colors.

"We saw coming in a month ago," said Yaddas.

At Beauty and Beyond customers are spending on average around $80 for school uniforms pushing the store business up by 35%.

Kathy Ponder will end up spending close to $200.00 in uniforms for her two sons. Money well spent in the long run she says.

"It's less expensive than buying street clothes especially when you're a single parent," said Ponder.

Greeting the new school year in style.

The Montgomery County School Board did add an exception to the mandate. The 'opt out' policy allows families to opt out if they feel religious beliefs, disabilities or other extenuating circumstances go against the policy.

The board says each student must petition for a waiver through the school district's Student Support Services.

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