Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our editorial on "Voting Interest" elicited this response from W Boartfield: "I along with others consider themselves to be an independent and therefore cannot or will not vote in a primary election which forces us to declare a party.  Inaction is not always a sign of indifference, sometimes it's as simple as people refusing to be forced into a political party."

Johnny Letson's response to our guest editorial on "Crossover Voting" was pointed: "Forget crossover voting in runoffs.   What about simply voting for the candidate you like best? Currently I cannot do this even in the primaries.  If I like a Democratic candidate for one race and a Republican for another I must choose a single party's ballot by law and both parties like it that why. Primaries are paid by the state, by me.  Why does the state allow the parties to deny my choices in this way?"

Joyce Elaine Reaves Oswald shared that sentiment: "Voting has become far too hard.  You should be able to just go mark the box of whomever you would like to vote for no matter what party they are in.   You should not be forced to pick a party, just a person."

Regarding our editorials on the oil spill, H. Kenneth White, an engineer from Pike Road, Alabama, emailed the oil spill is not a tragedy, it's a travesty: "American ingenuity can put a man on the moon, fire a missile from half way around the world into a specific window pane in a war zone – surely American ingenuity could have stopped this leak a long time ago – if allowed to do so.  But politics would not allow that.  Politicians have benefitted by BP's PAC.  By not accepting help offered by other countries initially, our government is still letting BP try to salvage an oil well riddled with well documented safety violations.  Cleanup workers sit idly in vans because work time is limited by OSHA. Oil is ruining our gulf, killing wildlife, destroying our way of life and putting thousands out of work.  Shame on BP!  Shame on our politicians!

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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