Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL(WSFA) - Regarding our "Campaign Issues" editorial, Joseph Cates, a teacher at Lowndes Academy and an adjunct history instructor at Auburn Montgomery, responded:

"I don't live in Macon or Greene County, however I do live in Lowndes County, where the White Hall Entertainment Center has been continually harassed by the Gambling Task Force and has ultimately closed.  Of course now it is not bringing prosperity to Lowndes County because it is closed and jobs were lost.  You are right there is not alternative employment because there is no employment to be had.  However, when opened the White Hall Entertainment Center was bringing jobs, good paying jobs, with good benefits to people who worked there.  These people had health insurance and were no longer on welfare.  How is this not prosperity?  It is at least a step in the right direction.  New businesses were opening in White Hall and elsewhere in Lowndes County, largely because of the business brought to the area by the White Hall Entertainment Center.  Now construction on these new businesses has stopped and Lowndes County is experiencing higher unemployment. It is very convenient that you mention Macon and Greene County, but neglect Lowndes County and other areas of the state where the electronic bingo halls have been bringing prosperity and development.  These places were not allowed to be open long enough to allow that development to occur.  Why did Governor Riley allow them to be built in the first place and only now try to do something about it through fear and intimidation?  Have you been to Wind Creek in Atmore?  Have you seen the prosperity that has been brought to that economically depressed area of Alabama?  WSFA needs to quit being a spokesman for Bob Riley and his cronies in the Republican Party."

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