Managers and shoppers prepare for tax free weekend

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For Mike Manning at Lee's Kids Shoes in Montgomery, the shopping frenzy started early.

"We've seen it pick up in the last 2-3 weeks," he says.

Manning says tax free weekend is his most profitable time of year, so he decided to cash in with pre-weekend discounts.

"Ten percent off all our shoes and socks and hair bows about a week ago and then we did some on Tuesday, Wednesday and today," adds Manning.

The early-bird deal is hard for Les Pittman to pass up, especially since crowds aren't his thing.

"I'm not a big crowd person or a shopping person, so I prefer this atmosphere.  We're about the only ones in the shop."

The Bowman's are done shopping.  They plan to spend the last weekend before school at the pool.

"We like picking out our school supplies and getting first pick on it. We love to have the savings but we know it's going to be real crowded, and this weekend we hope to be swimming somewhere," says Linda Bowman.

But for some, braving the crowds is part of the fun.

"Tomorrow morning, I know I'm going to get up at like 6:00am. By 7:00, I'm at the shops," says Anthony Egbunn.

Manning expects a steady flow of "foot-traffic" come Friday.  So do managers at stores like Target.

"You'll have all kinds of excitement going on on the front end.  You'll have guests bringing things up with no tickets, or items that are in the wrong place. We're here to satisfy our guests and try to accommodate all the madness that will go on," says East Chase Target manager, Pinkie Owens.

One way to satisfy?  Making sure sales tax is nowhere to be found.

Manning says his computers have it all under control.

"We go in there and we change the tax rate to zero right there.  And for that day, tax will be at zero percent."

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