Turtle makes it across busy roadway with a little help

BOSTON, MASS. (NBC) - Flooding in Boston left a snapping turtle high and dry in the middle of a highway, but thanks to some courteous drivers and the help of a police officer it ended up making it safely back to the river. The whole ordeal was caught on tape.

Ready to make that leap after flooding left it stranded on Storrow Drive the large snapping turtle took the plunge near the Mass Ave. bridge. It was a bad landing as the turtle landed on the pavement on it's shell, but the guy or gal knew how to recover and wound up precariously close to traffic. It then tried to make to the other side or the road.

High above, people and other wildlife seemed to keep a close eye on the progress. Some marveled at the turtle's size.

Not surprisingly, the turtle wasn't in too much of a rush getting across several lanes of traffic, but a few drivers were! Some managed to swerve around, but two SUV's straddled the turtle with their tires.

Then, a Massachusetts State Trooper swooped in to try to make a rescue. As he reached for the turtle's shell, the animal lived up to its name and snapped at the man. Tthe trooper didn't snap back, but he did call in experts to prod the creature back home to the Charles River.

"It was pinned right there in between the fence, it's awesome to see people in this city taking good care of wildlife," said a bystanders.

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