Republicans are unifying for November

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Republican party took over Montgomery's RSA Plaza for what the group called their "Win in 2010 Luncheon".

The GOP is pushing to make sure the party stands united and strong going into November's general election.

Party leaders say it was a time for the party to put their hard feelings aside from the primary and move forward to November.

Most every GOP candidate was there including Dr. Robert Bentley, Kay Ivey, Luther Strange, and Martha Roby.

Former gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne was also there. He introduced Dr. Bentley to the microphone.

Byrne had a wedding to attend in Point Clear but said he wanted to attend the luncheon first. He reiterated his support for Bentley and his support for the Republican party.

Dr. Bentley stated that the strength of each candidate is in the strength of the ticket. He said the better he does, the better Kay Ivey does, the better Luther Strange does and so on.

Dr. Bentley also pledged his support for other GOP Candidates by telling them to call on him when they need to. He also said that he'd help as many campaigns as his schedule would allow him to.

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