Georgia residents cross the border for tax free shopping

PHENIX CITY, AL - Its that time of year and school bells will start ringing across Georgia next week. Parents and students are running out to grab those last minute supplies and take advantage of the sales tax holiday here in Alabama.

"I can tell you its been unbelievable, people have come out in droves and if they couldn't be here they sent representatives so we've been extremely busy," said Vonkita Nathan.

Nathan is one of four assistant managers at the Citi-Trends clothing store on 13th Street in Phenix City. This year's Alabama sales tax holiday has brought them a higher number of customers than in past years.

Part of that reason is because neighboring Georgia didn't have its annual tax free weekend. While it might be bad news for parents and students in Georgia, Vonkita says it's a good thing for retailers in Alabama.

"Well actually i'm sorry Georgia but you loss is our gain we've had quite a few people surrounding...not only from Columbus but people from the surrounding areas," added Nathan.

Eager shoppers were in Auburn and Opelika stores to take advantage of the tax holiday.

The rush was the same in Phenix City.

Adriane Daniels was out shopping for her son who is starting 8th grade next week. Daniels says the tax holiday allowed her to save more money.

"With the economy the way it its, gas prices are rising I need to save every penny I can," stated Daniels.

And every penny counts, but tax free shopping isn't an option for residents in the state of Georgia. Daniels, who is also a Georgia native, has family that won't be able to save those extra couple of bucks.

"I really hate it because I have nieces and nephews that live in Georgia and they couldn't capitalize on the no tax," added Daniels.

And that's why some people will be crossing state lines this weekend coming to stores like Citi-Trends to capitalize on an effort that will put a few dollars back into their pockets.

The sales tax weekend here in Alabama doesn't end until Sunday. If you still have one day left to come out and save some money.