New Autauga Co. school welcomes hundreds of students

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MARBURY, AL (WSFA) - This was not only the first day of school for Brittany Landry but her first day in the new Marbury High School, a $15 million spread off Highway 31 North in rural Autauga County. The student population at the new school is around 560.

"It just seems like people are happier here. My favorite part of the building is the gym since I play sports," said Landry. Happy because the place is high tech.

"Our core teachers have the Smart Boards and students can check out laptops from the library," said principal Billy Hollon, a 9-year veteran of the school system.

New or old it's another year for Alabama's 18th largest school district. Last year Autauga County passed its student population of more than 10,000 for the first time, a number that may hold again this year.

"We could see an increase but we won't know for a few more days," said Autauga County Superintendent Greg Faulkner.

On this first day of school in Autauga County no child was left behind, meaning there were no major problems on the school bus routes, but there may have been a few wrong turns in trying to get from one class to the next in the hallways.

Day one for the Autauga County school district, and day one for Brittany Landry beginning her senior year at the new Marbury High School.,

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