Greenville Man Collects Insulators

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Greenville, AL (WSFA) - We drive by them everyday, but most of us never give them a second glance.   That's not the case with Greenville resident Roy Hale.  "I probably got about 5 or 600," Hale said.    It's a unique collection that started about 40 years ago.

Hale collects insulators.   "It's used to insulate a power line or phone lined from the ground.  The insulator helps send the power from one pole to the next."

Hale works for Alabama Power so he's always looking at the top of power poles just to see what they have.   Insulators aren't as common anymore, but there are some still out there.    "I like the different shapes and you can get all kinds of different colors.  I have some from France  called doughboys and some others are shaped like Mickey Mouse."    The crown jewel is something called a teapot insulator, which could be worth around $8,000.

Hale probably has more than 400 insulators, but not teapot, at least not yet.

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