Elmore Co. home invasion suspect captured

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Elmore County authorities wasted little time in hustling 46-year old Ricky Dumas from the patrol car to the county jail booking room. Dumas was brought to jail after Montgomery police caught him in the Sheridan Heights neighborhood around noon Wednesday.

Dumas allegedly claw-hammered Roy Parker and his wife Mary early Wednesday morning. Dumas refused to answer questions by reporters as he was led away.

Investigators say Dumas faces two counts of attempted murder and one court of robbery, all in connection to the home invasion in the Friendship community near Tallassee.

Diane Ballard found the news unsettling. Ballard rents a home from the Parkers.

"I can't believe this. They are good people, good as gold," said Ballard.

Even more troubling is the fact Dumas was out on parole for committing a similar crime in Macon County, according to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

"There are similarities of what happened here in Elmore County," said Franklin.

No clear motive yet but investigators have an idea what happened when Dumas allegedly knocked on the back door of the Parker family home. Ricky Dumas told Mr. Parker he needed money for gasoline.

"Dumas barged in and after he struck Roy Parker on the head he then went into the bedroom and struck Mrs. Parker on the head several times," said Sheriff Franklin.

It's not clear why Ricky Dumas allegedly attacked the Parkers but we're told he had a relationship with them.

"I can't talk about," said Franklin.

While the sheriff declined to talk publicly about that part of the investigation, WSFA 12 News has learned from another source Dumas did some yard work among other chores for the couple.

Roy Parker is in serious condition at Baptist Health in Montgomery while Mary Parker is in critical condition.

Ricky Dumas' run from the law came to an end some 12 hours after the alleged crime. He is now in the Elmore County jail on suicide watch.

Dumas' bond has been set at $300,000.

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