"He said, He said" battle between two District 7 candidates

MONTGOMERY, AL. (WSFA) - The battle of words begin between two candidates for state representative.

Democratic nominee for district 73 Joe Hubbard, is accusing his republican opponent David Grimes of violating the "Clean Campaign" pledge.

Back in June the candidates sign a pledge promising to do a fair political battle, Hubbard believes that Grimes is breaking the promise by permitting negative campaigning with over the phone polls.

The poll question reads "How do you feel to know hat Joe Hubbard is a lawyer who has sued local businesses and has defended many corrupt Montgomery politicians?"

Grimes says, "Hubbard is a lawyer and that is what he does. These are just situations that happen in politics."

For now, the two will not see eye to eye on the issue as the "he said, he said" battle continues between the two candidates.

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