Palin endorses several Alabama candidates

MONTGOMERY, AL – Former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is endorsing several candidates in Alabama races.

Palin put her seal of approval on Secretary of State Beth Chapman's campaign for reelection. The two women have met twice. Chapman says it is a huge boost to her campaign to have Palin's support.
Palin said, "I would like to endorse Beth Chapman who is running for reelection as Secretary of State of Alabama and will continue to serve the good people there with distinction, integrity, and common sense. Let's not forget that reform often begins with the tough work at the local level, and it's important to get good conservative reformers working from the ground up."
Chapman is the only Secretary of State in the nation that Palin has endorsed. "That is quite a vote of confidence and a great show of support for which I am grateful," Chapman said.
"It is a great honor to have a strong conservative voice like Governor Palin's endorse my reelection campaign. She speaks what America wants to hear and that is the truth. She brings me great honor and I am proud to have her support," Chapman said.

Palin also ventured into the race for Alabama's Second Congressional District giving her support to Martha Roby. Palin made the announcement in a note to supporters on her Facebook page.

"I am very grateful for Governor Palin's endorsement and her kind words," said Martha Roby. "She is an important leader in the conservative movement, and like many others I was inspired and motivated by her leadership and grace when she took the national stage in 2008."

"Governor Palin knows that we need to send conservative leaders with common sense to Washington," said Roby.  "She understands that preserving our freedom is what's most important to this great nation, not the Democrats' agenda to grow our government and mortgage away our children's future. I'm proud to have her support in my campaign."

INFORMATION SOURCE: Chapman and Roby campaigns