Shootings raise concern in Eufaula

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

EUFAULA, AL (WSFA) - Eufaula Police are stepping up patrols after a series of shootings.
The Bluff Park Apartment Complex has been the site of recent shootings which police say are part of an ongoing dispute.
A drive by shooting at the nearby Chattahoochee Court housing project is also part of the feud.
While police are calling rumors of a turf war untrue, citizens say they're afraid the violence isn't over.
"I'm mostly concerned about the kids because there were kids out here when the shooting was going on. Someone's going to end up getting killed. I'm actually very scared because I have three very small babies," stated concerned resident Ashley Jain.

"I want to live in a safe neighborhood. I want to be able to come out of my house, go to my car and come back and sit out here and enjoy without worrying that someone is going to drive by shooting," added Barbara Respress.

So far, authorities have a juvenile and a 19-year old in custody.

Eufaula Police say they're still investigating the shootings and the search for additional suspects is ongoing.

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