Church comes together the day after van crash

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Montgomery, AL (WSFA) – It was a Sunday service to remember for folks at First Baptist Church in Montgomery.

On a day the congregation could have easily been in mourning, they were instead giving thanks.

The majority of Pastor Jay Wolf's sermon centered on Saturday's accident, when a church van carrying 14 members crashed on Interstate 85.

On the way to Lake Martin, a back tire on the church van blew out, causing it to fishtail and eventually lose control.

Charles Ferguson was in the van during the crash.  He said, "We flipped three or four times, and people flew out.  I was one of the lucky ones that didn't fly out.  Actually, I didn't get hurt at all."

Seven people inside were hurt, and Sunday, a few of them were still in the hospital.

From broken bones to concussions, Pastor Wolf described each injury in detail.  Among the injured is the driver of the van, Stuart Davidson.

The crash trapped him inside; the Jaws of Life had to be brought in to cut him out.

He shared a video message with his church family from his hospital bed.

"I'm very thankful to be alive," he said.  "Jesus is there and his angels are strong so trust in him because he will carry you all the way.  Thank you for your prayers."

It's something church members, especially those involved, say will impact their lives forever.

Pastor Jay Wolf said, "This should have been a horrific tragedy, but instead God turned it into his victory.  He did something extraordinary, and we will never forget it."

Church members say it's a constant reminder that miracles do happen.

"We're all very very lucky to be alive," said Michael Fritz, a teen inside the van during the crash.  "We still need people to pray for us, but we're going to be ok," Fritz said.

As of Sunday, seven of those hurt were still recovering from their injuries.

Among those are 13-year-old Briggs King, the son of Attorney General Troy King.  He reportedly suffered some broken bones and cuts on his leg and head.

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