D.A. orders illegal slot machines crushed

LAFAYETTE, AL - District Attorney E. Paul Jones, Fifth Judicial Circuit, Tuesday announced that his office will oversee the destruction of slot machines seized in raids throughout the circuit.

The destruction of the confiscated machines will take place Wednesday morning at the Chambers County Landfill.

Some 30-35 machines will be destroyed by crushing and then burying them, Jones' office said.

"These machines have been seized from a number of businesses in the circuit, and are clearly illegal," said Jones. "The Circuit Court entered an order authorizing the destruction of the machines."

The D.A.'s office did not indicate exactly from where the machines were seized, but they are not associated with Victoryland in Macon County, as those machines are connected to an ongoing court battle.

The Fifth Judicial Circuit consists of Chambers, Macon, Randolph and Tallapoosa Counties.

INFORMATION SOURCE: District Attorney Jones' office