Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our guest editorial on good sportsmanship was well received.

Jon Howe from Montgomery emailed: "Too often these days, fierce competition overtakes good sportsmanship on the field and the sidelines. As coaches and parents, we should all take a minute and remember that it's a game, first and foremost, and the main objective should be the kids to have fun."

Janice Denney from Alex City emailed: "We as parents should let our children play the games and support them."

Jeannine Birmingham, the President and CEO of the Alabama Society of CPAs emailed: "Too many times we witness players, coaches and fans act in a way that portrays negativity, even hostility. That kind of behavior is very frustrating for both parents and children and it often times leaves the children confused. Parents and coaches should always focus on attitude especially when it comes to sports and teamwork."

Regarding our guest editorial on Amusement Ride Safety, a viewer emailed: "As a parent and consumer, I completely agree with some type of regulation for such rides. My children aren't allowed to ride the rides at mobile fairs for this exact reason."

And our guest editorial suggesting moving a potential District 6 Run-off election for Montgomery City Council from Oct. 26 to Nov. 2 to coincide with election day for other races if no one wins the special election for Willie Cook's seat outright Sept. 14, elicited this email: "That sounds reasonable and it just plain makes sense. All it would take is a vote by the city council and if no suit is filed, it would be a no brainer."

We appreciate all of your feedback.

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